Nittany Lions maul Hokies, handing Virginia Tech first loss


The 2-1 Penn State Nittany Lions came to Blacksburg to play some hoops against the undefeated Virginia Tech Hokies. This game started off with a ton of action, as Penn State started quick and fast (Michael Scott quote anyone?) taking an 11-3 lead. The Hokies, in their first 8 possessions had 4 turnovers; not great.

The Hokies started off where they left off against VMI, missing shots, playing sloppy and playing in a track meet when they like to play a game of basketball that is slower and more based around ball movement. The Nittany Lions, as of this sentence are on a 17-3 run, shooting 7/14, where the Hokies are 1-8, down 17-3. Fun fact from our stats guy (sup Eric), the Hokies have started incredibly slow in their last 2 games; scoring 8 combined points in the first 13 minutes of the last two game. The Hokies came out of the timeout hot, getting within 10 quick, with the help of Jalen “I like Ice Cream’ Cone, sinking back to back threes. Cone, doesn’t only sink threes, but dishes as well, to get the Hokies back within 10, and then another sick cross over fade away to get within 8, 21-13. Penn State had 9 points off the Hokies first 7 turnovers in the first 11 minutes; not great. The Hokies got within 9 points after being down 24-13 with a sick and 1 (missed free throw) from Cartier Diarra.The Hokies went cold again coming out of the timeout, as Penn State went on a 7-0 run, to take the lead up to 16, 31-15. Penn State has been incredibly impressive, not turning the ball over within the first 15 minutes, leading 9-0 in differential. The Hokies and Nittany Lions went back and forth, exchaning baskets, keeping the game with a double digit monster lead for Penn State, 37-20 with 3 minutes left in the first half. The Hokies have had their oppurtunites in the first half, but missing most of their free throws, going 1-6 in the first half with 1:30 to go. Penn State doubled up the Hokies, sinking a three, 42-21. This is not what you want. The half ended with the Hokies going on a monster 2-0 run, trailing by 19, 42-23.

The second half started with both teams missing their first shot of their possession. A positive for the Hokies, having Penn State get two fouls within the first minute. The Hokies just need to make their free throws, which they did to start the half, getting within 17, 42-25. Sadly for us Hokie fans, the turnovers continued in the second half with Penn State creating another turn over within the first 90 seconds for the Hokies. Any answer the Hokies had, Penn State answered right back. Being 50% from three helps, getting the Nittany Lions up 23, with 17 minutes left to go. The Hokies had no answer for Penn State, in a legit shocker. Whoever bet -5.5 on the Hokies, damn, I am sorry for you. The Nittany Lions are just absolutely unconscious from three, getting up 58-31 with 15 minutes left in the game. I am sad. The Hokies continue to get destroyed, out rebounded and out played up into the tv timeout, down 63-34. The Hokies went on a nice 5-0 run to have the Hokies within 23, 64-41. Penn State seemed to be in cruise control, with a couple turnovers, giving the Hokies the ball back with 11 minutes to go. Keve Aluma came alive in the second half, getting the Hokies within 21, 64-43. The Hokies had a little run going, but Radford fouled on a jump shot, allowing Izaiah Brockington get to the line and sink both free throws making it 66-43. After I typed this, Penn State decided to go on a nice 9-0 run. The Hokies get absolutely destroyed by Penn State, falling 75-55.

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