Catching Up with Big Time Hokie Target: Mike James


It was a pleasure taking some time to chat with Mike James who is a top 100 prospect in the country within the 2021 class out of Orlando, FL. He is 6’6 with a ton of versatility with a long list of potential suitors across the NCAA (Louisville, Texas A&M, Cincinnati to name a few). As you can imagine landing a player of Mike’s caliber would be HUGE for the Virginia Tech program and would showed continued success on the recruiting front. That being said, let’s get to the interview. Thanks again for giving us the time Mike and wish you the best moving forward!

EVTB: Thanks for the time Mike, we really appreciate it. For those who haven’t been following too closely, can you tell the fans a little bit about your game? Is there a certain player you model your game after?

MJ: I’m a 2 way player, I take defense just a seriously as I take offense. I’m best we getting to the rim and I have become a good shooter as well. I just give 100% when I’m on the floor going after loose balls, taking charges whatever it may be to help my team win.

EVTB: Great to hear, what’s been your relationship so far with the VT coaching staff? Have you been closer to any of the assistant coaches or Coach Young? Any initial impressions?

MJ: My relationship with the staff has been great, Coach Frazier has been my main recruiter, we have a great relationship. He’s been recruiting me hard since early 2020, and coach young has been right there with him checking on me everyday seeing how me and the family is doing and showing how bad he wants me to play for him.

EVTB: Hokie Nation would love to have you! Do you have any visits or virtual visits set up in Blacksburg? Have you been there before?

MJ: I’ve had 1 virtual visit and another one Monday, if I commit there I’ll for sure be up to come on a visit when I’m able to.

EVTB: Great news. We saw your top teams, are any in particular standing out to you? Where does VT currently sit? And then do you have a date you are looking to commit?

MJ: I’ll be committing September 9th on my birthday. I can’t say where VT sits exactly but they are up there.

EVTB: Well thanks so much for your time today and hope you enjoy the visit tomorrow with the staff. Anything else you’d like Hokie Nation to know?

MJ: Nope that’s it and just that Coach Young is a great Coach and a great guy.

Thanks again Mike! Hokie Nation let him know how much we’d want him here in Blacksburg! Be sure to follow him at @MichaelToReal0 on twitter.

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