Checking in With Big Hokies Target – David N’Guessan



David gave us the chance to spend some time with him and check-in on his current recruitment. We spoke of his game, his recent visit to Blacksburg, and his thoughts on Mike Young and the Hokies. David is a 6’8 forward and is top 150 in the 2020 class. He currently holds offers from Virginia Tech, Washington State, DePaul among others. He’s a great guy and hope he’s a future Hokie. Hope you all enjoy the interview!

David thanks again for giving us your time this afternoon! Let’s go ahead and get started:

EVTB: Before we jump into the visit, For those who are still learning about you, can you tell us a little bit about your game? Are there any players in particular you try to model it after?

David: I would describe myself as a 3 or stretch 4 who can score at all 3 levels, defend, rebound and make plays for my teammates. I like to compare myself, or build my game after players like Brandon Ingram, Giannis, or Kevin Durant

EVTB: Can you tell us your thoughts on The Hokies and Mike Young’s offer. What was your initial reactions to receiving it? Have you been following them this season?

David: I was happy when receiving the offer, I was very excited and glad that my hard work was paying off. Yes, I have been following the Hokies this season.

EVTB: We heard you visited Blacksburg this weekend and saw the win. Could you walk us through your visit  and your overall impressions of VT?

David: I had a lot of meetings with different people, the head coach, academic director, the nutritionist. I got to watch the game which was great, great environment, and a great atmosphere (the fans are super supportive!) and I got to hang with the team for a little bit, and they are all nice guys, I like the chemistry they have as a team as well.

EVTB: Did you meet the whole coaching staff as well? Was there any of the staff that you bonded with in particular?

David: Yes, I believe met with all of the coaches. I bonded the most with coach Jackson because he was driving me around a lot.

EVTB: Do you have a top 2 or 3 teams at this point in your recruiting process? How are the Hokies currently positioned?

David: I don’t have a top 5 or top 3, but the Hokies are definitely in the conversation

EVTB: Ah ok well that’s good to hear, do you have a timetable for when you’re hoping to make a decision?

David: I hope to make a decision within a month

EVTB: Great! Last question, what would you say are the things working in favor of the Hokies? Playing time, conference, team, coaching, location etc. and which of those are most important to you?

David: The most important thing for me is that whatever school I end up at, I want it to feel like home, and I want to have a great relationship with the coaching staff, which are two things I already have with V tech.

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