Breaking: Mike Young Can Recruit


I know this may come as a surprise to some, but guys..Mike Young and his staff can recruit. The common push-back when he was hired was he may be a great coach, but he’s coming to the ACC and won’t be able to recruit with the big boys. A major part of recruiting (unless you are maybe Coach K or Cal) is your assistant coaches, and he hit it out of the park with Coach Frazier and Jackson while retaining Coach Webster. However, it’s also in no way fair to take away from Coach Young’s own recruiting abilities. The Hokies just signed the 6th highest rated recruit in Virginia Tech HISTORY and Mike Young was the driving force. Let’s talk about what the Hokies have already been able to accomplish since Mike Young was hired back in April:


Jalen Cone: Re-classified to 2019 (huge need), top 100 player in the country. Picked VT over Tennessee, Texas A&M, Miami, Stanford, Ole Miss among others

Joe Bamisile: Top 65 player in the country for the 2020 class, the 6th highest rated recruit the Hokies have EVER signed (flipped from Northwestern)

John Ojiako: 6’10 2019 center who’s height was desperately needed, 3 star top 250 player in the country. Picked VT over K-State, LSU, Pitt among others

Nahiem Alleyne: 6’3 guard who was convinced to re-classify to 2019 to fill a major need. 3 star guard who had offers from St. Johns, Nebraska and USF

Hunter Cattoor: A flip Mike Young brought with him from Wofford. 3 star guard who shouldn’t be slept on, can shoot it out of the gym.

Transfers Keve Aluma and Branden Johnson: Branden will be immediately eligble and adds much needed height for 2019. Keve Aluma was a force at Wofford and will play a huge rule in 2020.

Everyone..that is since April. Something else to consider and that is not mentioned enough is how late the staff had to start in the recruiting process. To be able to land this amount of talent, this quickly, speaks volumes about their potential in recruiting moving forward. Many coaches they are competing against have been recruiting these kids for years and they still believed enough in VT and their staff to sign. Their 2020 class is in the top 20 already (driven by Joe Bamisile) with other big time players like P.J. Hall, Mark Williams, Rondel Walker and others being mentioned with the Hokies, this could be another special class. Those by the way are all top 100 players in the country. If you want to still cling on to the narrative that Mike Young can’t recruit try to get in your last comments soon…you don’t have much time left.

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