Sitting Down with Nahiem Alleyne: Big VT Recruiting Target


I was lucky enough to sit down with Nahiem Alleyne, who has been recruited by Mike Young and his staff for a LONG time as I found out. He’s a 6’3 guard out of Georgia and has picked up plenty of interest including from P5 schools. He can defend at all levels and has a great shot, I think he would fit perfectly into Mike Young’s system. It was a pleasure discussing his recruitment with him and I think you all with really enjoy this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks again Nahiem!

EVTB: Nahiem for those at Hokie Nation and across the country who are still learning about you, can you tell us a little bit about your game and what style you’ll bring to your future team?

Naheim: I’m an all-around player who likes to do everything, I can score on all three levels and defend multiple positions.

EVTB: Well that’s definitely needed at every Power 5 school. One of the bigger questions that’s buzzing around you is whether you’ll be in the 2020 class or reclassify for 2019. Have you made a decision there yet? If not, are you leaning towards one?

Nahiem: Yeah I get this question a lot and right now I’m not sure, but I’m leaning more towards re-classifying to 2019.

EVTB: Yeah I’m sure you’re sick of that question, but I had to ask! Congrats on the offer from VT by the way. What was your initial reaction when you received the VT offer? Were you familiar at all with Mike Young or his staff at the time?

Nahiem: Yeah I was extremely happy when Coach Mike Young offer me. When Coach Mike Young was at Wofford he came to me a bunch of times and he really likes my game and I came to see Wofford play 2 or 3 times and I really love the style of play he runs. Also coach Frazier was recruiting me when he was at Kansas St. and when we had that in home visit that really meant all cause that means he hear for me as a person not as a player

EVTB: Wow I didn’t realize that they’ve been recruiting you since K state and Wofford days, that’s great insight. There were reports you may be taking a visit to Blacksburg soon. Have you taken that or have a visit scheduled soon?

Nahiem: Yes I have an official visit on June 14

EVTB: Awesome, let me know if you need any recommendations in Blacksburg it’s a great town. Moving more towards your recruitment, there are plenty of schools coming at you and your offer list continues to grow. Who would you say are showing the most interest? Do you have any schools your leaning towards?

Nahiem: Hofstra, VCU, and south Florida are showing the most interest right now and I’m leaning towards Hofstra cause I’m from New York and I have a lot of family up there and I’m familiar with it and also coach speedy is a good friend of my dad and he also came up to see me in person.

EVTB: Yeah it’s hard to beat family ties. Was hoping you’d say VT, but I appreciate the honesty haha! What would are some of the biggest things you look for in the schools recruiting you? Is it closeness to home, conference, facilities or relationships with the coaches?

Nahiem: Relationship between the coaches is big for me and my family and we have a good a relationship with coach mike young and coach Frazier. I really feel they care for me and want success for me and coach speedy does the same so it’s really between those two schools I’m looking at for my next home.

EVTB: Nice, well that’s big news! Well my final question is, do you have a timeline when you might make a decision? Or still too early?

Nahiem: Well I was hoping to make my decision before June ends     

Thanks again for your time Nahiem! We wish you the best moving forward in your decision and recruitment. Hokie Nation throw him a follow! He’d be a great addition to VT!

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