No ACC/Big 10 Challenge, John Ojiako Top 3 and Kerry Blackshear Getting TONS of Interest


A Thursday in early June typically isn’t an action packed day for a college basketball program, but given the rash of news that broke we felt compelled to provide a quick summary of what happened:

John Ojiako

John released his top 3 schools yesterday and Mike Young and the Hokies made the cut! Ojiako is as close to a must need as you can get given the 2019 team’s projected lack of size (if Blackshear leaves that is) and him listing VT in the their top 3 is a great step towards that. His decision is now down to 3 schools Georgia, LSU and VT. Ojiako did pick-up a VT projection on rivals which is great to see, however stay patient everyone the rumor is he plans to visit all 3 schools before making a decision so we have a little bit to go.

No ACC/Big 10 Challenge for the Hokies

In surprising news, Virginia Tech has apparently volunteered to be the ACC team to sit out the Big 10 challenge. An ACC team has to sit out each year, but given the Hokies sweet 16 run I imagine they would have not been the selected team this year. That being said as further news trickled out it did make some sense. Hokies will be traveling for the Maui Invitational the week before and this does give them a bit of a breather after that intensive travel. Given it should be a home game this year I think we all were a bit disappointed, but I do hope this means next year they maintain a home court advantage in the challenge.

Kerry Blackshear Taking a Visit to UF and Plenty of Interest

Texas A&M, Gonzaga, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida among I’m sure many others have expressed interest in Blackshear. He is taking an OV to Florida and it sounds like he will be potentially on his way to Kentucky shortly after that. The more this drags out and teams continue to ramp up their efforts, I think the longer shot Blackshear stays. Here’s to hoping though as retaining him would be a MASSIVE accomplish for this staff and would have big implications for the 2019/2020. Retaining him you’d have to think would give them a real shot to be a top 25 tournament team.


2 thoughts on “No ACC/Big 10 Challenge, John Ojiako Top 3 and Kerry Blackshear Getting TONS of Interest

  1. Everything I’m hearinh now is that Bede staying helps us with KB as they are close along with several other things.
    I’m hearing our chances have gone from about 10% to 50% he stays or 50% he leaves…..either way it seems we are in a better position for him than we were.


    1. Really? Well that would be great news, DM me if you have a source would love to chat. I’ve been kind of hearing it’s a very long shot, but would love to be proven wrong.


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