Catching Up with Jaden Seymour: Big Time VT Target


We were lucky enough to get some time with Jaden Seymour the 4 star top 150 player who is a forward out of North Carolina. He stands at 6’7 for now and is part of the 2020 class. For those of you who didn’t know he is also the brother to former Hokie Adonis Alexander, so is extremely familiar with the campus. Honestly, he was an exceptional interview and a great dude all around. Thanks again for giving us the time Jaden! We hope Hokie Nation enjoys the interview:

EVTB: First of all, we saw you got surgery and hope everything is OK, wishing you the best from Hokie Nation. What type of surgery was it? Do you have a timeline for recovery?

Jaden: ACL reconstruction surgery. I’ve heard a wide range of time I’m supposed to be out, anywhere from 6-12 months.

EVTB: Prayers up, wishing you the best. For those at Hokie Nation who are still learning about your game, can you tell us a little bit about your style of play? Are there any players you model your game after?

Jaden: I’m a very active player, do a little bit of everything with a high motor. I try to take a little bit from a lot of players, things I can see myself doing in a game, but I don’t look to one player in particular.

EVTB: That’s great to hear. Switching over to VT for a minute. What has been your initial reaction to the Hokies offer and Coach Young?

Jaden: I had a Tech offer with the old coaching staff so it felt good to know that the new coaching staff had faith in me even after my injury and with all the changes going on.

EVTB: I saw you took a recent trip to Blacksburg. Can you tell us how the visit went and give us a quick recap of what was included in your visit?

Jaden: It was a good visit me and my family sat down and had lunch with the coaching staff and then went to meet the basketball team’s academic advisor. I got to see the locker rooms, all the practice facilities, and the gameday arena. We didn’t walk around campus as much because we are pretty familiar with it because my brother played football at Tech.

EVTB: What’s your impression of the coaching staff? Are there any coaches in particular you’ve had a closer relationship with on the staff?

Jaden: I’ve met most of the staff before so I knew they were good and genuine people. I’m most close with coach Webster because he’s been recruiting me for the longest since the beginning of my junior year.

EVTB: Yes we’re all happy that Coach Young was able to hang onto Coach Webster. Your offer lists keeps growing and growing, congratulations for that. Are there any schools that in particular are standing out in this current time of your recruitment?

Jaden: College of Charleston, South Florida, and Cincinnati have been recruiting me pretty hard (in addition to VT).

EVTB: Do you have a timeline to when you may shorten the list of potential colleges or make a decision?

Jaden: Not right now just seeing where things go focusing on my recovery and waiting to see all the schools i can consider.

Thanks again Jaden. We are all wishing you the best in your recovery and appreciate the time. We’d all love to see you in a Hokie jersey!

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